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CSA 2019 Closed!

Answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the CSA - CSA FAQs

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How to SignUp?
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Amaranth Acres is happy to announce the availability of vegetables grown at the farm through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. By becoming a CSA member you are investing in locally grown vegetables and receive a share of the vegetables grown at the farm. Our growing season normally runs from summer through early fall. We are not certified organic but our vegetables are grown using organic practices. Vegetables available through this CSA are a combination of ethnic Indian vegetables along with greens, regular summer vegetables and herbs. Weekly pickup can be at the farm or thorugh predetermined locations on designated days. We will work with you to make the process easy and simple.

For the year 2019 following options are available. Take a look at the gallery for a sample of vegetables in last year's CSA.

Regular Share
The Regular Share offers 6-8 kinds of vegetables every week during the peak growing season. Hoping to supply 6-8 lbs of vegetables per week during the peak season (20 weeks).

Work Share Arrangement
A limited number of work share cost reduction shares are available this year. Work share arrangement requires a minimum of 4 hours of work every week for 20 weeks. This enables you to aquire the equivalent of a Regular Share at a discounted price. The days of work participation can be discussed before signing up. The member will pay the remaining $250 if the work obligation is not met.

Payment (2019 season)

Regular Share
Returning Members $400
After March 31 $425
After April 30 $450

Regular Share
Cost of this share is $400. Price increases to $425 after March 31. $450 after April 30. (Filled, we are no longer accepting regular shares)

Work Share Arrangement (Filled, we are no longer accepting work shares)
Cost of this share is $200.

Click here to download the forms. If you wish to pay through PayPal send me an email to get information.
If paying through paypal, a service charge of 3% needs to be added to the payment. Use 'Friends and Family' option to not incur the service fee.

CSA Agreement

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a relationship between the farmer and the CSA member. CSA member is sharing the risks inherent in agriculture that come with the growing season (including weather, insects, crop diseases, etc.) with the other CSA members and the farmer. In very rare cases where there is a crop failure the members may not receive their anticipated share. The size and duration of each share is dependent on these variables. The members share in the bounty and enjoy farm fresh vegetables every season.